As a jack-of-all-trades. He masterfully interweaves and integrates his experience and expertise an author, counselor, priest, trained spiritual director, and songwriter.

In recent appearances Ian has enjoyed facilitating conversations concerning Contemplative Spirituality and the Future of the Church, A full-day Enneagram workshop from a Christian Perspective, Twelve Step Spirituality for Everyone, theology through the arts.

Ian Cron is a speaker, but more than anything else enjoys curating conversations around specific topics through community inquiry.

Ian Cron introduced my wife and I the Enneagram, and it's been a game-changer for us and our marriage. Ian teaches with deep questions, poetry, and stories that will stay with you the rest of your life. If you want to continue to grow this gathering is for you.

Michael Hyatt

coauthor of Living Forward

Ian explained the Enneagram masterfully and showed how it can be used as a tool in business and leadership.  Our audience is now better equipped to step into the shoes of others with far greater compassion and understanding.

Ken Coleman

Host of the EntreLeadership Podcast and Ramsey Personality

Ian was a huge hit at our event. Our attendees walked away with practical ways to apply his teaching, plus he was so fun on stage! His personality and presence made him a standout speaker during our conference. Plus, as an event planner, Ian was easy and gracious to work with. He was joyful and kind, and a leader worth following. We're so grateful he joined us!


Ian and team are the best to work with. The content was a direct center of the bullseye and truly changed our lives. He had us laughing and crying at the same time for 2 days straight. I recommend 10 out of 10!

Chris Carneal

Booster CEO

It is a rare bird who can keep the attention of 190 people for 10 hours worth of programming. Add to the situation, a program that starts on a Friday night AFTER a long day of work and all day on the first sunny Saturday after a long cold winter. Ian not only kept the attention of our participants, he had them spellbound. Think Larry David and C.S. Lewis in one package and you understand Ian's delivery. Ian has an amazing ability to share the intricacies of personality types with truth, beauty and humor. Even more noteworthy is his ability to help individuals understand their dark sides while still emphasizing their "exquisiteness." Finally, Ian was able to create a safe environment which invited vulnerability despite the room being filled with 190 participants most of whom had never met. Want to help people better understand themselves in the context of their marriages, their work, their friendships and more? Want to have them laughing, crying, and laughing again over and over throughout the seminar? Ian will meet your expectations with content and far, far exceed them in delivery and application. With Ian at the helm, you will experience transcendent moments where you aren't really quite sure what just happened but you are really glad it did.


Cloaking his astute insights with disarming wit and immeasurable empathy, Ian fostered a powerful space for vulnerability, compassion, and connection. I can’t say enough good about the impact we’ve experienced from having Ian teach us how to navigate the complex waters of the enneagram to more fully appreciate the beauty of our unique strengths and understand how to better balance areas of weakness.

Elizabeth Lipscomb

Vice President Strategic Alliances of Discovery Education

Ian Morgan Cron, partnering with Suzanne Stabile, has gifted us with another timely and brilliantly written book. We've long needed a fresh, spiritually grounded approach to helping people grow in self-knowledge and compassion. This is a winsome and thoughtful primer!

Mark Batterson

lead pastor, National Community Church,
New York Times best-selling author of The Circle Maker

Ian's presentation combines the utilization of spiritual disciplines, psychology, and the ancient Enneagram to encourage listeners in taking a deeper exploration into the depths of their soul in order to discover the most true, whole expression of themselves.


Ian is one of the most gifted communicators I know. It's unusual to watch someone be able to teach a room full of people in such a way that feels intimate and personal. His mastery of the content combined with his confidently humble delivery make him completely relatable and accessible to everyone, every time.

Scott Allender

Warner Music

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